Joe Hauler


Yeah we know this is longer than our average post but deserves to be written so bear with us...

We have been in the market for a dirt bike hauler for the back of our truck. We wanted something strong and durable enough for baja. After talking to a few friends in the industry the suggestions unanimously lead us to Joe Hauler. We gave Joe a call and took a visit to his shop in San Diego.

Walking into Joe's office and welding shop is like stepping into a vintage MX museum. Everywhere we looked there was another piece of famous offroad race memorabilia. From rally coordinates to signed jerseys and legend worn open face helmets we realized that we had entered somewhere unique. 

We ended up spending the entire day with Joe talking about his passion for racing, family, engineering and new found talent of brewing his own beer.

Joe is a humble man who creates without a doubt the highest quality, strongest and most well designed motorcycle hitch carrier on the market. And he has been doing it for the last 20 years! Each and every Joe Hauler is welded by hand at his shop in SD using the highest quality steel. 

Joe designed and welded a one of a kind hitch hauler for our 450 desert bike and vintage 1975 MX125. He even welded up a custom CAM LOC (Joe's proprietary technology for reducing hauler swing) It works perfect! The hitch hauler is solid as a rock and doesn't budge when driving. 

Bottom line is Joe Haulers are without a doubt the strongest most reliable motorcycle hitch haulers on the market. Stop buying crap you plan to throw away and support a California family owned business making the best product on the market.